Ici Ice Cream (Berkeley, CA)

If you know me, you know that I'm not a big ice cream person.  I prefer cookies and churros over ice cream and cake, the latter being my least favorite, and so I don't often go out for ice cream.  On the other hand, a lot of my friends love ice cream- even in the winter - so I probably do eat ice cream more often than I should.  Though ice cream isn't usually my favorite, Ici is pretty much my favorite dessert spot in Berkeley [with there being quite a few], and it's also my go-to spot when people visit, along with Gregoire.

Birthed by an experienced pastry chef who worked at Chez Panisse -one of the most high profile restaurants in Berkeley- Ici is home to the about ten different homemade flavors daily, many which are nothing but innovative and tasty.  I still remember my first time at Ici.  Because of their eccentric flavors, they let you sample about three.  I remember getting the olive oil flavor with their chocolate filled ice-cream cone, and returning a week later to try out other flavors.  I was addicted!

They often offer flavors with a dash of interest, including flavors with saffron, cardamom, candied nuts and fruits, and maple bacon- most of which taste scrumptious! They also offer delicious version of the classic vanilla and chocolate, if you prefer the old-school.  On top of their almost-daily flavor rotations, Ici founder Mary Canales possesses the idea that Alice Waters of Chez Panisse had, using local ingredients and goods from farms with sustainable practices.  Oh, Berkeley.
Mint toffee marshmallow (top) and chocolate
Mint toffee marshmallow and orange-cinnamon
creme brulee
Price: ~5 USD | $ ($$ for ice cream in the U.S. but totally worth it!)
Rating: 5/5

Ici Ice Cream
2948 College Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705
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