Gather (Berekely, California)

Located on Oxford street of the UC Berkeley campus, Gather, a modern American restaurant, seems to fit right into the Berkeley scene since it opened in 2010.  Offering a changing menu of the freshest and seasonal ingredients, Gather's rustic yet energetic ambience is ever so inviting.  With warm lights and wooden furniture, its organic existence screams Berkeley and the town I'd grown to love during my undergrad years.  I had been eyeing this place for a while before I actually got a chance to try it, with the occasion being a special friend leaving town.

With just the three of us, we decided to order two items, as their plates seemed generous, especially since we decided on having pizza.  This was a good decision, as I was dining with two girls with much smaller tummies than mine!  The pizza was baked well, and the crust was so, so delicious!  The sausages on top were pretty good themselves.  Their pizza combination seems to change from time to time, so I think what I had is no longer on their menu.  The roasted chicken tasted incredible though!  It was roasted to perfection (although a little raw at the bone, which is normal), with walnuts and garnish.  The flavors melded perfectly, making up what I would say is one of the best roast chicken dishes I've ever had in my life! Ah, it left me wanting more from Gather.  I do miss such innovative flavors that can be found in places around Berkeley and Frisco (San Francisco), and it's places like these that inspire me to make and find better food here in Brissy.

Price: 20 USD pp | $$-$$$ (with wine, etc.)
Rating: 4.5/5

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