Fish Market (Dutton Park)

The skies have finally cleared up this week!  And I only had one class today!  [Although lots of work to do...]  What do I do?  Head out to grab fish 'n' chips with my group and a couple of friends.  This place is one of go-tos for fish 'n' chips! ...though to be honest, I havn't tried that many.  I've heard that Salt and Battery in St. Lucia is actually quite tasty and cheap, so I may have to pay a visit there. ;)

Fish Market is located in a low buzz area with not many restaurants or retail shops around.  It has a nicely secluded feel, with beachy couches on the inside, and plenty of outside seating.  The staff is quite friendly (although not the smartest at times), and the food arrives quite promptly, even with a large party.  Today was my second time here, with my first time having gotten the "Tradies," a pretty good deal of fish 'n' chips with a little side of veggies and fried somethings, as well as a drink.  This time around I got the burger with everything on top, which was just alright.  There is something different about burger patties in Australia.  Like my friend Jess says, they taste a little like meatloaf, with something extra added to them, rather than just beef.  I can't say I enjoy it that much, especially with the standard beets, pineapple, and "bacon" (or what Americans call ham).  Maybe I'm just not that used to beets in my foot, and maybe I just don't particularly enjoy sweet-tasting things in my savory food.

I don't know if I would get the burger again (it was a little over-hyped), but I would definitely return if I wanted a simple fish and chips meal!

Price: ~15 AUD pp (food + drink) | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

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