Cosmos Cafe (South Bank, QLD)

It was a beautiful day out, and after a stressful morning, me and a couple of friends decided to head to South Bank for food- particularly Cosmos Cafe (one should know this isn't a cafe) to use my Groupon.  I honestly only came here because I had a Groupon, which I shouldn't have gotten in the first place...but, oh well.

But chingao, this joint on the strip of "fast foods" in South Bank Parklands is truly the epitome of 'regret food.'   It was $10 for the "seafood platter," which essentially was imitation everything [seafood], and we couldn't bring ourselves to eat more than half of the platter.  Even with a canned drink, $10 is a bit much - even for Brisbane.  I'd much rather have my afternoon tea at Tea Centre (or anywhere else, for that matter).  I highly un-suggest this place to anyone, even to those who want their quick fix of fried or comfort food.  Cafeteria fries taste better than these!  I must point out, though, that their fish filet did not taste fishy, which is a first at places like these, so I was rather impressed.  My experience wasn't much better with preying ibis circling my table, and attacking me and my food right as I finished...

Price: 10 AUD | $ ($$ for what it's worth!)
Rating: 2/5

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