Ceylon Inn (Toowong, QLD)

When I was waiting for internet for a whole month, I basically camped out at Toowong for internet, and scouted out the different places to eat, which aren't that many.  I still havn't tried the Newsroom Cafe, which is allegedly good, but I have had many a cup of melloccinos at the Coffee Club.  One night, for a farewell party-or mourning- rather, we decided to eat at Ceylon Inn, after having a peer into their windows and seeing an authentic-looking Indian restaurant with a welcoming ambience.  It seemed to be a popular place, as we had tried to dine there once, only to find that it was booked out for the night.  This time around, we did make a reservation, since we had quite a number of people.  Our waiter, who actually seemed to be the owner of the place, recommended we get the Banquet, though we declined.

We ended up ordering our own, which came up to be almost just as expensive, with less variety, and the portions were rather stingy for how much we were paying.  The rice was 2.5 per person, and it was a half scoop between two people, which we were not pleased about.  The curry portions were also small for 18.5, and weren't that impressive for the price.  The service wasn't too great either, though it was a normal weeknight, and no- being in a large group doesn't quite excuse that point.  Though the ambience was nice and romantic, especially when seated inside, I don't think I would ever return by choice.  Yes, the ambience of a restaurant is important, but always comes after the quality of the food.

Rice for two

Chicken Tikka Masala
Price: 20-25 AUD pp | $$ ($$$ for what it's worth)
Rating: 3/5

Ceylon Inn
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