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Being in Brisbane makes me weary of Asian food, especially Japanese and Chinese-- two cuisines I know very well.  I can't say I've tried many places around, but most of what I have had has been exactly what I expect- rather subpar. Yes, I've had a couple of good places in Sunnybank and the Valley, but they are the few.  Even though I don't quite enjoy straight-up Asian cuisine that isn't made right, there's something about Asian fusion food that I can accept though.  The BunMobile isn't exactly Asian fusion, but I've been eying it for quite a while now...

After many months of wanting to check out the hype about the BunMobile, and never being able to make it out, I finally, finally did! Albeit, after a 4.5k jog. It was totally worth it though! Every single step of the way. ;)

I went on a Saturday night (which explains the terrible pictures), and there it was- a brightly lit tidy food truck beckoning us hungry joggers.  
The menu is simple, with three flavors | types of meat.  Each bun goes for $8, and a special flavor for $10, which is a little steep, but the meat was scrumpdelidumptous!  It's packed into a fluffy open steamed bun, garnished with mushrooms, shallots, or other toppings.  We had the wagyu beef and the classic pork bun, and the verdict was that the flavors in the pork agreed more.  Although they were a tasty treat, I don't know if I would make a trip out just for these again, as they were a bit pricey and out of the way...
The Wagyu Bun

             These made me miss the Berkeley Center street
             food trucks even more!
The Pork Bun

Price: 10 AUD per/bun | $
Rating: 3.5/5

The Bun Mobile
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