Bette's Oceanview Diner (Berkeley, CA)

I've decided to dig up some archive pictures from my life in the Bay Area... one, because they're filled with memories, a lot of which are shared with some of my closest friends back in school, and two, for some inspiration.  Lately, I've been growing tired of food and I've also been a bit sick and lazy...

I wish I could say I went to Bette's on a nice summery day, but I must be honest and reveal that the day was, well- quite overcast.  Nevertheless, I was up for some breakfast, because I LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD.  Sorry there, I got a little overexcited- but I really do love breakfast food, and it makes me a little sad when people don't want breakfast with me.  Either way, me and a friend trekked out to 4th Street in Berkeley for a nice late brunch, only to find Bette's Oceanview Diner in its usual state- packed with people.  We had to wait a little to be seated, as well as to be served, and when they finally got around to us, we were so ready to eat!

We got their signature Souffle Pancakes in Banana Rum (12.95), which was a little underwhelming.  The texture was fluffy and like a souffle, but it was a bit too moist/undercooked for my liking.  The flavor was also a little bland, but the presentation was decent, for both the pancake and the Maryland Breakfast.  The Maryland Breakfast (11.95), on the other hand, was quite the ideal breakfast!  The poached egg, potato, and corned beef combination was awesome! Not to mention, the corned beef was delicious! (Probably the best corned beef I've had, which may not be saying much.)  They ran out of their scones [darn!], which I was sad about since it's one of their I ended up getting a muffin instead.
Banana Rum Souffle Pancake
Maryland Breakfast
Afterwards, I took a nice stroll around the shops on 4th street to work off all the calories (not!)... and decided that Bette's is really a bit overhyped. Thinking back on what I had, though, I would actually return for the Maryland Breakfast.  Maybe 'cause food is generally pretty expensive here and just mediocre, but I'm craving that corned beef again...

Price: 15-20 USD pp | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

Bette's Oceanview Diner
1807 4th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
#: (510) 644-3230
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