Avid Reader Bookshop & Cafe (West End)

I've been enjoying my free Fridays that I've been granted during the last few weeks, and have been putting it to good use.  Well, for the most part.  I decided to make my way towards West End on a nice sunny Friday [which was actually supposed to be drizzling] to scout out some coffee, brekky, and a place to study.  Eventually, I set my heart on Avid Reader, which is a quaint bookshop, selling anything from mystery to cook books to quirky funny books like What's my Pee Telling Me?  The cafe is towards the back of the bookshop, where a mini teapot garden is located.

Avid offers a variety of sandwiches and some breakfast foods (all day), including muesli [which I've found to be a Brisbane|Australian favorite].  Their sandwich combinations appear fairly simple, yet with every bite, I didn't want to put the hot, toasted sandwich down.  I had the chicken with tomatoes and haloumi (8.5), as well as my standard skinny latte (3), though all lattes in Brisbane pale in comparison after having my Alen's coffee.  I sat outside on the porch and had a nice little [heavy] read in my physiology book, but the atmosphere of seeing blue skies made it tons better!  After some productive studying, I made my way to the cookbooks and other popular books to take a look at what others are reading nowadays.  I found some reprints of classics that were tempting, but I was reminded of my Sherlock Holmes compilation at home awaiting my read...

Another upside to this cafe is that it's open till 4pm (at least on Fridays), and the bookshop itself is open from 8am till pretty late! (It says differently on Urbanspoon)

Price: ~12 AUD (coffee + sandwich) | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

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