Star Wars Marathon!

To prep for the Star Wars marathon I'm having this coming week, and since I'm finally officially on vacation, I baked these cookies with the Williams Sonoma Star Wars Heroes and Villains  cookie cutter set.  [They also have other Star Wars sets]  Thanks to Emily, who got them for me, and my mum, who sent them to me, I am fully prepared to have that marathon I've been meaning to have!

I've never actually "successfully" made piping and flood icing before, but the recipes I used this time worked quite well!  I only had blue food coloring (if you know me, you know I hate food coloring), and was too lazy to make my way to the store, so I only used blue and white frosting with this recipe.

The cookie recipe I used wasn't very sweet, which is perfect, since overly-sweet cookies are no bueno... It's also a friend's birthday, so I threw in some birthday monograms!

Cookie cutters were SUPER EASY to use!


Yoda, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett!

All of them!

Here is where I used the flood frosting
These cookies are so fun to make!  They're perfect for birthday parties or Star Wars marathons (I know my little cousin Aiden would love these).   I already want to make them again, though I am moving into an apartment with no oven (GASP!).  Oh well, I'll see what I can do.
And until next time, may the force be with you! ;P


  1. That detailing is really, really impressive!
    Can you only buy the cutters in the US and online?

    1. Thanks! And all I did was cut a tiny hole in zip lock bags!

      Yeap, I think they're only available online and in the US. =/


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