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Post-exams means fooding time!  The Saturday after my four day final exams (whew!), I set out to try some of the places in Brisbane CBD I had bookmarked to try.  One of the places I visited was Le Bon Choix, an authentic French patisserie (or bakery) with macarons, cakes, breads, and sandwiches.  I say authentic because this patisserie values presentation of their food, the taste hits the spot, and the employees are French.  They also didn't like me taking pictures, which is just too French of them.

I didn't actually snap any shots of what I, but their hot chocolate was the most delicious ever! It was probably one of the best hot chocolates I've ever tasted.  It was different (more than just thicker) than the standard hot chocolate that you'd find anywhere else, and I would definitely recommend it.
I also had an almond croissant, which was très, très, délicieux! It was fresh, flaky, and of perfect sweetness! Much more than comme cicomme ça.
Almond Croissant
Drinks: Hot chocolate (back) and Latte (front)
I wasn't in the mood to try any cakes or macarons that morning, but definitely I'll be back for them!  Though I wasn't supposed to take pictures, and feel a little annoyed at their anti-photo sentiment, here are some of the snaps of this place I got before I was stopped...

As I mentioned, their cakes were like little art pieces in the display cases.  This place actually rather reminds me of a fusion between PiQ and Masse's in Berkeley.
you can see the chef coming over to tell me to "no photos"
Price: 10-15 AUD (drink + sandwich or pastry) | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

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  1. That hot chocolate sounds amazing :P

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  3. Everything looks so good!


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