Tuesday, February 18

Acme Oyster House (New Orleans, LA, USA)

Acme Oyster House, located in the heart of the French Quarter is a restaurant that can't be ignored.  Reviewed by over 1800 on Yelp and liked by many on Urbanspoon, this touristy restaurant has seen both good days and bad.  First opened in the 1920's, their claim to fame is - obviously, oysters.  When we went, we had the chargrilled oysters as our appetizer, which was quite heavy (LOTS of butter)!   Beware, those who can't take all the greasiness!  What's worse is they provide bread to soak up all the butter... Three was definitely enough (while I can easily eat a dozen of raw ones of the same size).  We also had the Fried Peace Maker Po-Boy, which is a fried oyster and shrimp sandwich with a tabasco mayo sauce.  I was rather disappointed by the flavoring of this sandwich, even though I love oysters and shrimp!  The oysters were alright, while the shrimp was lacking in freshness and...shrimp.  It was mostly batter, and the flavor was just a bit flat.  The po' boy as a whole just didn't look all that fresh, which was really disappointing!  We also shared the Fried Fish Platter, which was just more fried food.  We could have ordered something that wasn't fried - but in reality - almost everything on the menu is fried!  The fried fish was hot and fresh and not at all fishy, though.  The batter was crisp, and the fish fried to perfection on this occasion.  This sounds a terrible, but the hush puppies and the fried fish may have been my favorite part of my experience at Acme.

Whether its raw or chargrilled oysters that fit your fancy, Acme will take care of ya, but at quite the price.  The novelty of this place was enough to bring me here once, but probably not again.  The terribly slow and rude service (I'm not the only one) combined with the price does not compel me to dine here twice.
Price: 20USD/person | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

724 Iberville St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
#: (504) 522-5973
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Saturday, February 15

Cochon Butcher (New Orleans, LA, USA)

Another famous New Orleans foodie landmark is Cochon and its sister shop Cochon Butcher.  I had tried Cochon in the first few days of getting in to New Orleans, and decided that I needed to give this place a try.  With modern and warm decor, similar to the theme of that next door, Cochon Butcher is a place you want to arrive to early!  It was bustling when we arrived, and while the service is fairly quick, seats can be hard to come by around lunchtime.

They are mainly a sandwich shop, offering about twelve different sandwiches (unfortunately all have meat, if not most).  They also offer side dishes such as potato salad, cole slaw, pimento cheese sliders, and grilled brussel sprouts.  We had the potato salad, which was made with dill, dijon, mustard seeds, and green spring onions.  The potato salad and brussel sprout sides were probably everyone's favorite, as the sliders were subpar, and the cole slaw that I had was pretty flavorless.  It didn't taste much like cole slaw, but rather like chopped up cabbage with watered down mayo drizzled on top.  The grilled brussel sprouts were suitably flavorful and not bitter at all, as some tend to be after being grilled.

I had the BBQ Pork (9), a Carolina styled pulled pork with slaw.  I had expected a little more innovation or even complexity to the meat and slaw itself, but the sandwich was nevertheless satisfying.  The pickles on the side, were however, not my taste at all!  And I usually love dill pickles with sandwiches and burgers... These were too sweet and just strangely flavored.

On my second visit, I had the Gambino (10), which was a salami sandwich with arugula, and jalapeno peppers that were a bit too spicy for me!  The sandwich was much more flavorful than the BBQ Pork, and in a good way.  Though a bit salty, it was definitely the better out of the two that I've had so far.

The service is a bit slow for takeout, and the seating is a bit lacking, but otherwise, I would return for their meats, as Cochon Butcher also offers a variety of uncooked sausages and meats, which could be perfect for adding some flavor to a home-cooked meal.

Price: 10-15USD/person | $-$$
Rating: inconsistently 3 or 4/5 depending on the item

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
CBD Warehouse District
#: (504) 588-7675
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Tuesday, February 11

Lüke (New Orleans, LA, USA)

When I first arrived in New Orleans, I consulted Yelp to find a Cajun restaurant where parking was not only safe, but wasn't a nightmare.  This is when  I found Lüke, located inside the Hilton on St. Charles Avenue.  John Besh, who is the chef behind Domenica and Soda Shop in New Orleans, is the culinary brainchild behind Lüke.

My first meal here was for dinner, where me and family started with the Boudin Louisianne (9.5), which was boudin served with cracklins and spicy cabbage.  I had never had boudin before in my life until then, so I have nothing to gauge its authenticity.  All I can say is, I enjoyed it!  The spicy cabbage lacked a bit of flavor except for the spiciness, but the it did compliment the boudin.  The boudin is definitely a dish to be split between several people, as it can get a bit heavy, but the cracklins really were a plus!

We also got the Jumbo Louisiana Shrimp "en cocotte" (22), which was roasted jalapeno cheese grits, andouille & green onion sausages all in a cast-iron skillet.  The jalapeno cheese grits ended up being my favorite part of any dish that night!  The jalapeno was just enough to flavor the melted, slightly burnt cheese on top of the grits.  And I didn't think I liked grits before this - but beware, it's oily!  The andouille sausage was also good, but unfortunately, the shrimp didn't taste very fresh.

We also had the Seafood Gumbo a la Creole (8), which was tasty, but in my opinion, not all that unforgettable for one reason or another.  It wasn't the spectacular gumbo I was hoping it would be, but it was still flavorful, though a little too salty for my taste.
Boudin Louisianne
Seafood Gumbo
Jumbo Louisiana Shrimp "en cocotte"
I was told by one of the friendly staff that they have a happy hour with 50 cent oysters and half off drinks, so sure enough, I returned with a couple of friends.  The bar is quite the wait (reservations are recommended), but it's totally worth it!  The oysters are ginormous, they're fresh, and cleaned out well by the extremely friendly guys behind the counter.  I had the St. Charles Streetcar, which was nice and refreshing.  The Riverbend was also refreshing, but a bit sweeter and fruitier.  Needless to say, we had an awesome time, and completely recommend this to everyone (who eats seafood/oysters).

Price: varies | $$-$$$
Rating: 4/5, 4.5/5 for happy hour

Tip: Sit at the bar for better service and bigger oysters!

Lüke (Website)
333 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112
#: (504) 378-2840
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Wednesday, January 29

Cafe Du Monde (New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.)

Though not one of first places I ate at in New Orleans, I thought that a post on the iconic Cafe Du Monde would be an appropriate induction of New Orleans fooding adventures.  I mean, I have been anticipating my beignets and cafe au lait at this New Orleans establishment made in 1862.  Even more excited than me was my aunt who took a road trip with me from Houston...

The classic green and white striped canvas shed of Cafe Du Monde greeted us as we arrived on a chilly night after a delicious meal.  We had to wait for indoor seats at 8pm, but the turnover is pretty quick so it's not too big of a problem.  We shared an order of the beignets, which come in threes, and I had the cafe au lait, since I don't usually take my coffee black.  On a cold chilly night, a cup of cafe au lait was exactly what I needed!  Though not espresso, their coffee is made with chicory, which is apparently an Acadian thing.  The chicory does add body to the coffee, and I would recommend spoiling yourself with some coffee with those beignets!

The beignets, which are fried fritters, have the mouthfeel of a doughnut - so if you have a hard time imagining what they are, that's what they are like.  They're covered in an insanely generous amount of powdered sugar, which completes the deliciousness that is a beignet.  They're actually quite filling, so be prepared to share an order of three, or go on an empty stomach!
Price: $5/person | $
Rating: 4.5/5

Cafe Du Monde (Website)
Cafe Du Monde (Facebook)
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA
#: (504) 525-4544
Tips: Bring CASH! Open 24/7 except Christmas and New Year.  Satisfy your sweet-tooth at any hour!
Café Du Monde on Urbanspoon

Bear Bones Espresso (Brisbane, QLD, AUS)

Transitioning from my life in Brisbane, Queensland, to New Orleans has been quite hectic, but good at the same time.  I've been M.I.A. from Edesian Feast for a while, but as I gradually settle in to my apartment, I hope to keep updating even as my schedule gets busy (as it is already!).  My posts will probably contain less text and more photos - at least that is what I anticipate...

Numerous cafes and bars in Brisbane opened up near the end of the year, including a new establishment by the owners of The Cobbler and numerous Brisbane hotspots by the name of Bear Bones Espresso.  I had the chance of meeting one of my Yelpers at this hip cafe sandwiched between shops on Mclachlan Street in the Valley.

Colorful graffiti sets the ambience of this modern industrial cafe that is set out to roast their own coffee beans.  Since my visit about a month ago, they may have very well started to already!  Deciding on the avo toast and the pulled pork sandwich between me and my friend, we also each ordered a milkshake.  My chocolate milkshake, which came in the traditional cup, though not as thick as an American milkshake, was a rich chocolate that wasn't overwhelmingly sweet.  Still, it was a bit, and I would advise sharing one with someone.  The avo toast was delicious, as the bread was fresh, and the presentation wasn't lacking either.  The pulled pork sandwich, recommended by Kurtis the barista, was also flavorful, though not quite flavored like an American pulled pork sandwich.  The portion was also quite generous, which is always a plus.  The service was awesome, and I would definitely recommend this place for those living in Brissy!
Avo Toast
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Chocolate Milkshake
Price: 15-20AUD food+drink | $-$$, $$
Rating: 4/5

Bear Bones Espresso (Facebook)
Instagam: @bearbonesespresso
2/66 Mclachlan Street
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Hours: 7am-2pm Mon-Fri
Tips: Located in shopping strip sandwiched between shops
Bear Bones Espresso on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, December 31

End of the Year Shenanigans, On Instagram (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

I'm officially done with that [damn] test - and with the city of Brisbane for that matter... This eating machine is moving onto larder things! (I kid)  New Orleans, here I come!  But before that, here are some of the highlights of the past few months I've been missing.
1. Merriweather Cafe with the girls
2. Discovery of all things Moroccan and lamb @ Ben's Alibi
3. Gramercy - my #1 visited cafe in Brisbane! The beef cheek tacos were my all-time fave!
4. Yelp Brisbane's Giddy Up Photo Walk Elite Event! Awesome event (as always)!
5. Paladar Fumior Salon - a Cuban getaway with coffee and cigars
6. Mount Coot-tha lookout - one of the first places I was brought to when I first arrived in Brisbane!
7. A sketch I made during the very first week of my degree @UQ
8. Finally made it to Byron Bay! Perfect weather in November...
9. Commonest item on a breakfast menu here - avocado toast!  Last fooding trip with my fellow Yelper Terry @Bear Bones
10. Last Yelp Elite event @ Cork and Chroma - my first painting ever!
11. Alen's Espresso - kept me awake throughout class many-a-time
12. Kiss the Berry - new pop-up (and now permanent) shop serving acai bowls!
13. A very summery Christmas! That I didn't quite celebrate...

Two years in Brisbane has flown by, and not without its hardships, but this time has been challenging and rewarding and unique in many ways... I'm thankful that I didn't get bitten by any box jellies or funnel spiders, nor flooded by the Brisbane River. Oh, and I will definitely miss running along its river!  Goodbye Brisbane, and a happy new year to my readers.  And don't forget to subscribe and follow me in New Orleans! ;D

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Monday, December 2

Ben's Alibi (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

Right in the heart of Brisbane CBD is Ben's Alibi, a well-established Moroccan restaurant that offers a wide range of Moroccan and Moroccan-inspired foods, including burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and salads.

Located on George Street, this restaurant sits across from the 400 George St. food court, and can't be missed!  I've been around the area so many times, and regret that I was hesitant on trying this place.  My go to meal at this place is the Roast Lamb Sandwich (8.9), with slices of lamb, rocket, yogurt & mint, and chermoula.  The Moroccan Lamb Burger (16.9) was also delicious - with thick lamb patty, caramelized onions, and the works.  It's either served with hot chips or a salad, with three of their house sauces on the side.  I love their presentation on this one (as well as their other beautiful serving plates), and the flavor isn't lacking.  The service can be a bit slow at times, but Ben always has a friendly banter going on with his customers.  Definitely a gem in the city.

Price: 15-20 AUD food+drink | $-$$
Rating: 4/5

Ben's Alibi (Website)
363 George Street
Brisbane CBD, QLD 4000
Ben's Alibi on Urbanspoon